Oh hey look another person with a vaguely podcast related startup emailing me through my feed email, yaay..

Yeah, me too. Set up your podmail.fm forwarder and we'll try to block the podspammers. Podmail* also does regular old spam filtering too.

Now you change your publicly listed address to your new podmail.fm address and no more spam**!

* Actually it's the folks at PostMark that do the regular spam filtering.
** Not a chance I'm guaranteeing that, but I'll do my best.

Questions I think people might ask

So what's the plan?

You sign up and claim your @podmail.fm email address.

Whenever the service receives an email for your chosen name it passes it through a few filters to see if it's known podspam. If it's clean it gets forwarded on to you.

How do you use it?

Once you've created an address you simply use that address where you set your Owner Email.

An image showing my Owner Email settings in Transistor.fm's dash

So.. you see my sweet business deals?

The initial email that comes through your podmail.fm address could potentially be opened and read by Podmail staff, yes. I give you my word we wont, unless you've reported it as spam or you've asked us to look into something, but I understand that might not be enough.

When you receive a forwarded email, a reply-to header is set. Now if you do want to reply to an email, you hit reply as normal and respond with your regular email address. We're out of the loop from then on!

Do note to remove forwarder@podmail.fm if your email client has added us into the recipient list! For peace of mind the address forwarder@podmail.fm is blackholed.

Wont the spammers just stop sending to podmail.fm addresses?

Great! Saves on the CPU cycles normally spent discarding their junk mail.

Can I use an email address for non-podcast things?

You may, but be aware you're not likely to get much use beyond a spam-filtered email forward. I wouldn't think it worth the price myself! If you've got another area in mind that could do with this sort of service I could easily hook up other domains to it.

I think a massive business deal got caught in the spam filters somehow

Contact support@podmail.fm within 14 days. Individual emails are lost forever on our side after 14 days, delivered successfully or not.

Can I use this in a way that cloaks my address for doing bad things on the internet?

You need the Evil Villain plan, which currently costs $4,999 per month, billed annually. Contact support.

No seriously, if you use these email addresses for nefarious reasons I'll send you your first year's invoice on net-30 terms.

No but seriously what's the cost?

It's a fiver (USD) a month, tied to the Bronze tier on my patreon.

I'm using this method because it was the easiest way to support both card and Paypal in one shot.

Can I bring my own domain?

Not right now but it is planned.

Can I bring my own server?

Sorry, no.

Can I bring my own filters?

Not yet, no. Looking into it. For now I'd recommend filtering on the "reply-to" header as if it were a normal email's "from" header

What's the catch, where's the limits?

No limits, you paid us to deliver your email sans-spam and that's what we'll do as best we can.

Ok so now you gather all these premium guaranteed email addresses and sell them to the spammers, right?

Decent idea if you're a jerk. No. I promise I will not sell, trade, exchange, part exchange, give, or otherwise provide any business or person any access to your personal information without your permission. Only people working on behalf of Podmail have access, and that access is restricted where possible.